Good screwdriver for Shimano derailleur – Vessel 900 JIS Review

If you regularly work on bicycles, you need to check out the Vessel P.2×100 screwdriver.  Unlike all the Phillips drivers in your toolbox, this one will fit well in all those Shimano screws on your bike components.  By now, I’m sure you have noticed that it’s really hard to find a screwdriver that works wellContinue reading “Good screwdriver for Shimano derailleur – Vessel 900 JIS Review”

How To Properly Inflate Bike Tires

Proper bike tire inflation is more important than most people realize.  It can change your comfort and performance and may save you a flat tire or damaged rim.  Most people have probably inflated a bike tire at some point, but many probably haven’t done it right.  There is more to it than you might think,Continue reading “How To Properly Inflate Bike Tires”

How To Fix Bike Shifting Problems

Does your bike not want to shift?  Is it making weird clicking noises?  Does it shift slowly?  Chances are your bike needs some indexing.  Sometimes cables can stretch throwing off the shifting.  Or it could be the gnomes were messing with the adjustments on your bike.  Before you start, think about when your shifting startedContinue reading “How To Fix Bike Shifting Problems”

Weight Loss Help With Cycling

Everybody knows that if you get more exercise and decrease your calories enough you will lose weight.  And what better way to exercise than with biking?  When I started regularly cycling, I thought it would be great for weight loss.  While I am no doubt more fit, pounds have not really dropped.  Periodically I dietContinue reading “Weight Loss Help With Cycling”

All the best reasons why you should be biking!

We are going to cover all the great reasons why everyone should be bicycling.  If you are already biking this is a list to remind you that you are better than those who are not riding.  If you are not currently cycling, then this is a list telling you why you should stop embarrassing yourselfContinue reading “All the best reasons why you should be biking!”

Vibrelli Bike Floor Pump Review

After I started cycling it became clear a good pump is really important.  Road bikes especially need to be pumped back up regularly.  Being frugal I spent a lot of time reading reviews and searching for something that would fit my needs at a good price.  Now that I’ve done all the work, I wantContinue reading “Vibrelli Bike Floor Pump Review”