1971 Schwinn Sting-Ray Campus Green

Classic Schwinn Sting-Ray in campus green color.  This is the bike every kid wanted during the time period.  Short wheelbase for fast turns.  This is the coaster brake version; it also came in 3 and 5 speed.  MAG sprocket, chrome fenders, and Schwinn tubular rims.  A cool vintage kid’s bike.  Originally retailed for $59.95

Schwinn Bicycle Company History and Facts

Schwinn is probably the best-known vintage USA bicycle company.  It was founded in 1895 by German-born Ignaz Schwinn in Chicago.  They declared bankruptcy in 1992 and are now owned by Pon Holdings.  They are mostly a big box store brand now. The rise of Schwinn In the 1950s Schwinn decided they would only sell theirContinue reading “Schwinn Bicycle Company History and Facts”

Vintage Lotus Bicycles

Lotus is another USA brand of bicycles that started importing Japanese bikes in 1980.  The company was started by Sid and Ernst Star in Syosset, New York.  They offered a full range of road bikes from entry level to professional.  I believe the bikes were originally made by Tsunoda Bicycle corporation of Nagoya, Japan andContinue reading “Vintage Lotus Bicycles”

Vintage Shogun Bicycles

Shogun is another really cool vintage bicycle brand that started in Japan.  Its history is a bit hard to find, but I believe the following to all be true. Founded in 1977 and owned by Japanese trading company Marui.  I believe they were all originally made in Japan by various manufacturers early on, and laterContinue reading “Vintage Shogun Bicycles”

Vintage Maruishi Bicycles Japan

Maruishi is one of several lesser-known Japanese bike companies.  There seems to be some mystery about how old the company is/was.   It has been suggested that at one point they claimed to be the oldest bicycle company in Japan and started importing bikes in 1884.  I’ve also read 1894 and 1909 in Tokyo as theirContinue reading “Vintage Maruishi Bicycles Japan”

Vintage Bianchi Bicycles

Bianchi is the oldest bicycle manufacturer in the world.  Started in 1885 by Edoardo Bianchi in Milan, Italy.  He was only 21 years old when he started the business in his small shop.  He thought bicycles should have the same size tires in front and back.  Seems he was right.  Bianchi sponsored Giovanni Tommasello whoContinue reading “Vintage Bianchi Bicycles”

1936 Vintage Pre-War Schwinn Cycleplane Bicycle

Now this is a really neat and very old bike, a 1936 Schwinn Cycleplane Cruiser.  It originally would have had a tank and a headlight on the front fender.  This one is a bit rough, but still interesting to see how different the bars and frame are from newer bikes.  26” wheels with a coasterContinue reading “1936 Vintage Pre-War Schwinn Cycleplane Bicycle”

1982 Schwinn Varsity 10 Speed Blue

I’m excited to get some images for this bike, these were really popular in southeastern WI so it’s nice to see one again.  When I was a kid, we would start on BMX bikes and then move up to the 10 speed, and the Varsity seemed to be the most popular choice, probably because itContinue reading “1982 Schwinn Varsity 10 Speed Blue”

List of Vintage Road Bike Weights

This list is by year and brand for published road bike weights from catalogs.  Competitive cyclists have always wanted the lightest bikes. The below list gives an idea of the quality of each model based on how much they weigh. Lighter bikes were typically the more expensive models with the latest and greatest components. TheContinue reading “List of Vintage Road Bike Weights”

1987 Raleigh The Edge Trials Mountain Bike

Now here is a really interesting mountain bike from history, The Edge Trials mountain bike by Raleigh.  This bike was designed by John Olsen a early mountain bike designer, rider, and author.  This bike stands out to me because it has a 24” rear wheel and a 26” front wheel.  Have a look at thisContinue reading “1987 Raleigh The Edge Trials Mountain Bike”