1936 Vintage Pre-War Schwinn Cycleplane Bicycle

Now this is a really neat and very old bike, a 1936 Schwinn Cycleplane Cruiser.  It originally would have had a tank and a headlight on the front fender.  This one is a bit rough, but still interesting to see how different the bars and frame are from newer bikes.  26” wheels with a coasterContinue reading “1936 Vintage Pre-War Schwinn Cycleplane Bicycle”

1982 Schwinn Varsity 10 Speed Blue

I’m excited to get some images for this bike, these were really popular in southeastern WI so it’s nice to see one again.  When I was a kid, we would start on BMX bikes and then move up to the 10 speed, and the Varsity seemed to be the most popular choice, probably because itContinue reading “1982 Schwinn Varsity 10 Speed Blue”

List of Vintage Road Bike Weights

This list is by year and brand for published road bike weights from catalogs.  Competitive cyclists have always wanted the lightest bikes. The below list gives an idea of the quality of each model based on how much they weigh. Lighter bikes were typically the more expensive models with the latest and greatest components. TheContinue reading “List of Vintage Road Bike Weights”

1987 Raleigh The Edge Trials Mountain Bike

Now here is a really interesting mountain bike from history, The Edge Trials mountain bike by Raleigh.  This bike was designed by John Olsen a early mountain bike designer, rider, and author.  This bike stands out to me because it has a 24” rear wheel and a 26” front wheel.  Have a look at thisContinue reading “1987 Raleigh The Edge Trials Mountain Bike”

1971 Schwinn Deluxe Stingray Kids Bicycle

Check out this real American classic bike.  A 1971 Schwinn Deluxe Stingray bicycle with 20” wheels.  Some kid was rolling cool with this one.  Lemon color is yellow metal flake.  Have a look at this beauty: Chrome plated fenders, cantilever frame, bucket saddle, and built-in kickstand.  Reliable single speed with coaster brake.  Colors available wereContinue reading “1971 Schwinn Deluxe Stingray Kids Bicycle”

1960 Schwinn Speedster Bicycle Green

Now this is what I would call an extremely reliable and practical bicycle.  First, it’s a vintage Schwinn so you know it was built to last.  It’s also a single speed with a coaster brake, also very reliable.  The most maintenance this thing has probably ever needed is lubing the chain.  And it’s got theContinue reading “1960 Schwinn Speedster Bicycle Green”

Vintage Centurion Bicycles

The vintage Centurion Bike company was started in 1969 by Mitchel Weiner and Junya Yamakoshi.  Mitchel focused on running the business, and Junya supervised the manufacture and export to the USA.  Centurion was a brand of Western States Import Company (WSI) in Newbury Park, CA which also owned the Diamondback brand.  Early on the bikesContinue reading “Vintage Centurion Bicycles”

1975 Raleigh Grand Prix Carmine Red/Black

Here is a great example of a vintage bike that was affordable and lightweight.  The Grand Prix was right above the Record so just one step above their lowest priced road bike.  Quite a good-looking bike for the price.  Check out these pictures: Above bike is the 23 1/2″ size. I don’t believe the saddleContinue reading “1975 Raleigh Grand Prix Carmine Red/Black”

Monark Silver King Bicycles Chicago

Monark Silver King began in 1934 in Chicago selling aluminum bicycles!  I had no idea somebody was making aluminum bicycles way back then.  These bikes don’t show up too often, but I see them for sale every once in a while.  The company made their own bikes till they sold to Huffman Manufacturing (Huffy) inContinue reading “Monark Silver King Bicycles Chicago”

1982 Schwinn Continental Bike Black Sable

Here is a nice example of a 1982 Schwinn Continental, a really durable and reliable road bike: This bike came with a Schwinn electro-forged carbon-steel frame and 10 speeds.  Not a light bike at 36lbs, but reliable and durable.  Black sable is the only color for this year.  Came with center pull brakes and quickContinue reading “1982 Schwinn Continental Bike Black Sable”