ZTTO Road Bike Caliper Brakes Review

When I built my indoor trainer bike it was my first build so even though it didn’t need brakes, I put them on anyhow.  I wanted to test the bike out a little outdoors to make sure I did everything fine with the build.  Searching for some cheap brakes I landed on these ZTTO caliperContinue reading “ZTTO Road Bike Caliper Brakes Review”

Delta Bike Hook Review – vertical wall storage

As winter approaches you might be looking for a good way to store you bikes.  The Delta bicycle hook is a great option for vertical wall storage.  This is one of the first options I bought, and they work well.  They are thick and strong with a rubberized hook to protect your rim.  Have aContinue reading “Delta Bike Hook Review – vertical wall storage”

Microshift Advent 9 Speed Groupset Review

The Microshift Advent 1×9 groupset is a really nice and affordable 1X option.  I just purchased a Giant Talon 2 mountain bike that came with this group.  I wanted to try out a 1X since it’s one of the things all the modern mountain bikes have.  So far, I’m really happy with it.  I useContinue reading “Microshift Advent 9 Speed Groupset Review”

Topeak Aero Wedge Pack Medium Review

Topeak makes some really nice quality items, and this bag is no different.  It’s a nice size for all your essentials like wallet, phone, keys…  Plus, it’s well made with a place to clip on your light.  Have a look at it: You could find a cheaper bag, but probably not of the same quality. Continue reading “Topeak Aero Wedge Pack Medium Review”

Panaracer Gravelking Plus Slick 700x28C tires Review

I wanted to share my experience with the Panaracer Gravelking plus slick tires which I have been using this season.  I was searching for a more-comfy ride on my Felt Z75 disc road bike and switched to these from my Continental GP4000 25mm tires.  Actual Width First thing I should mention is that for meContinue reading “Panaracer Gravelking Plus Slick 700x28C tires Review”

Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack Review

Do you hate changing road bike tires?  Do your fingers get all sore after you have wrestled the bead onto the rim?  Do you pinch the tube when you use tire levers?  Well then, I have a great tire installation tool for you.  The Kool Stop tire bead jack!  This thing is like a superContinue reading “Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack Review”

Costco SafeRacks Wall Shelf Combo Kit Review

With my fleet of bikes, I’m always looking for great ways to store them.  The SafeRacks wall shelf from Costco is one of my favorite bike storage items as it’s priced well and very functional.  These are currently selling on Costco’s website for $49.99 for the two 18×48” shelves with four hooks.  These are reallyContinue reading “Costco SafeRacks Wall Shelf Combo Kit Review”

ZUKVYE Vertical Bike Stand Rack Review

As somebody with a few bikes I’m always looking for a new way to save on some space.  I’ve been looking at vertical bike stands for a while and finally decided to check one out.  I went with the ZUKVYE on Amazon just because they all seem to look the same and this one wasContinue reading “ZUKVYE Vertical Bike Stand Rack Review”

Cheapest MIPS Helmet Bell Revolution Review

Because I’m frugal, I decided to see how cheaply one could get a MIPS bicycle helmet.  After searching around, I landed on the Bell Revolution for just a little over $30 on Amazon.  I think it’s got a good look and comes in black and red for adults.  The red one matches my new mountainContinue reading “Cheapest MIPS Helmet Bell Revolution Review”

Topeak Cagemount Water Bottle cage mount review

Looking for a great way to add another water bottle to your bike?  Check out this cool water bottle cage holder by Topeak.  It mounts with no screws needed to your handlebars or seatpost.  My daughters Trek Precaliber mountain bike came with no way to mount a bottle, so I needed to find something.  AfterContinue reading “Topeak Cagemount Water Bottle cage mount review”