Continental Rim Tape Easy Tape 18mm Review

I decided to try something different for rim tape with my new Wheel Master Zac 19 wheels and went with Continental Easy Tape.  It’s a neat product, made from a slightly rubbery plastic material.  It is high pressure tape for up to 220psi.  The size I went with is 18mm, and I think it’s aContinue reading “Continental Rim Tape Easy Tape 18mm Review”

Microshift CS-G100 10 SPEED CASSETTE 11-28 Review

My Surly Cross Check is going to have Microshift Centos derailleurs and shifters, so I went with a Microshift cassette.  I picked up the CS-G100 11-28 which is considered their Centos level cassette.  It has chrome plated steel cogs with an aluminum spider.  The spider is supposed to reduce wear on the cassette body.  ItContinue reading “Microshift CS-G100 10 SPEED CASSETTE 11-28 Review”

Wheel Master Weinmann Zac 19 Wheels 700c Review

I needed some 700c wheels that have a vintage look and can take some wider tires and landed on these.  They are silver and not too deep which I think delivers an old school look.  They also have 36 spokes which is more vintage and hopefully leads to no broken spokes.  I had to buyContinue reading “Wheel Master Weinmann Zac 19 Wheels 700c Review”

ATOZI Alloy Headset Spacer Kit Silver 28.6 Review

For my new build I decided some silver spacers would look good, but they were a little challenging to find.  Seems like most of the kits I found were just 4 spacers which I thought might not be enough.  This kit includes 6: 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 30mm.  They are a nice silverContinue reading “ATOZI Alloy Headset Spacer Kit Silver 28.6 Review”

Stronglight Impact Double Compact Crankset Review

I was looking for a nice, old school looking crankset that would work with a modern 2×10 drivetrain and found the Stronglight Impact double crankset.  It fits my vision perfectly, have a look: I really think this crank has the vintage look but is made for modern 9/10 speed chains.  Forged alloy crankarms are madeContinue reading “Stronglight Impact Double Compact Crankset Review”

Marque Adjustable Bike Torque Wrench Review

Now this is one of my favorite tools that I wish I had bought earlier.  There are obviously lots of fasteners with a torque spec for bikes, so it gets a lot of use.  Previously I had used a small torque wrench with a needle and a ruler you would watch to achieve the rightContinue reading “Marque Adjustable Bike Torque Wrench Review”

Tange Seiki LN 3922 Bottom bracket square taper Review

Here is a rather nicely machined bicycle part.  A square taper bottom bracket by Tange Seiki, the LN 3922.  A surprisingly beautiful part given that it’s not hardly visible when installed.  Made in Japan says quality.  Just look at all the shine and precise looking machining: Specs Weight: 295 grams Sealed Cartridge bearings Solid boronContinue reading “Tange Seiki LN 3922 Bottom bracket square taper Review”

Whisky No.7 12F Drop Bar Silver Road Bike Review

Take a look at these beautiful bars: I’m going for a vintage look with my Surly Cross Check build so decided I should go with silver handlebars.  After shopping around at what’s out there I decided the Whisky bars looked best, and they have not disappointed.  The high polished silver has a really good lookContinue reading “Whisky No.7 12F Drop Bar Silver Road Bike Review”

Alritz V-brake Pads Mountain bike review

Looking for nice, cheap brake pads?  I have used a few different cheap pads with varied success, but I have no complaints about these.  They installed easy and have nice braking power.  Got rid of the annoying screeching my bike was doing when braking.  They are sold by Alritz on Amazon but come in veryContinue reading “Alritz V-brake Pads Mountain bike review”

Wahoo Kickr Snap Smart Bicycle Trainer Review

I’ve been using my Kickr Snap for almost 3 years now and I like it a lot!  Previously I had purchased the cheapest smart trainer I could find which was an Elite.  After about a year it broke and though they sent me a part, I couldn’t fix it.  So, I did lots of researchContinue reading “Wahoo Kickr Snap Smart Bicycle Trainer Review”