Bicycles I have owned

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My list of bikes is getting pretty long so I thought I’d document it a bit. 


80’s Murray BMX bike, was glad it wasn’t a Huffy.  Might still be in attic of Mom’s garage…

1995 Schwinn Clear Creek Mountain Bike – black with red decals.  Was a great bike with 21 speeds and early grip shift.  Probably should have kept this one.

1996 Schwinn 9 Six .1 Mountain Bike – Nice bike.  Started as a 9 Five .4.  Frame got damaged and by buddy who worked at the shop got me a 9 Six .1 frame replacement.  Other parts got upgraded through the years to XT.  So really it was somewhere between a 9 Five .4 and a 9 Six .1. 

2016 Nishiki Maricopa – Nice entry level road bike.  Really got me back into cycling.

Nishiki Maricopa

1998 GT Dyno Compe BMX bike – much nicer than the BMX bike I had as a kid. 

GT Dyno Compe

2010 Raleigh Talus 3.0 Mountain Bike – I liked this bike a lot, but it was time to upgrade.

Raleigh Talus 3.0


2015 Felt Z75 Disc – the bike I ride most.  Very comfortable bike and looks great.

Felt Z75 Disc

2008 Fuji Cross Comp – when I want to ride far on the gravel trails.  Love this bike.

Fuji Cross Comp

1974 Schwinn Le Tour – vintage road bike.  Love the Kool Lemon color and rides so smooth.

Schwinn Le Tour

1981 Schwinn Super Le Tour – little lighter than the 1974, rides smooth.

Schwinn Super Le Tour

1974 Raleigh Sports Men’s – fun bike to cruise.

Raleigh Sports

1974 Raleigh Sports Ladies – came with the men’s.  Needs some work to be able to ride.  Might be on display for a while.  Looks real cool with vintage lights still on it.

Raleigh Sports Ladies

2021 Giant Talon 2 – my upgraded mountain bike.  Love the 1X and 27.5” tires.

Giant Talon 2

2010 Trek Navigator 1.0 – great for family bike rides.

Trek Navigator 1.0

Build – Evo alloy frame, Shimano Sora components, full time trainer bike

Evo Sora Build Bike

Build – Surly Cross Check with Campy components.

1972 Bottecchia Giro D’Italia

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  1. Love the Schwinn Le Tour. I know nothing about bikes, but it appeals to my vintage loving heart! I need to dive into the world of bikes as I’m currently hanging onto my German bike that was great for German town cycle paths and Dutch canal side routes but is not serving me very well now I’m in the undulating terrain of Wiltshire.

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